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Test how much you know about LaLiga’s teams, players and history. This quiz is all about speed.

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Terms & Conditions

1. Users answers number of questions and gets one point for each correct answer.
2. Quiz Challenge starts each Monday and closes at next Sunday.
3. Each user can participate only one time per week.
4. The participant can only win the quiz gift once a month. If the participant with the best score has already won, the next one in the ranking will be designated as the winner.
5. The winners will be contacted on their telephone numbers (number which allowed them to participate in the game). If a winner is unreachable after three (3) attempted phone calls, the prize will be awarded to the person with the following score.
6. Prize delivery will be made at Mondia headquarters Mondia t/a Mondia Media FZ-LLC - Arjaan Office Tower, Floor 5 - Dubai Media City - Dubai, UAE. The winners must, within a period not exceeding ten (10) days from receipt of the notification by telephone, rectify their situations if necessary and claim the prizes. The winners who do not show up will be disqualified and the prizes intended for them will be lost and will remain acquired by the Organizer





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